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Bantamarium Enclosure Kit

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The industry’s standard in housing miniature ecosystems hasn’t seen a revolutionary change since its conception with the Wardian case back in the early 1800s. Until now, scaping has only progressed within a sealed container. The Bantamarium kit will redefine the very meaning of a DIY enclosure. A customizable case is a perfect way to complete the conception of your creativity. Give each exhibit a polished gallery-quality look while enabling the enclosures ability to stay up-to-date in today’s rapidly advancing technologies.

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This product is currently under development. If you’re interested in following the progress of this project, learning more about particular details of its features, or simply want to be a part of the support behind the Bantamarium conception… Consider becoming a Bantam Backer and join the cause as we usher in a new era of living enclosures. It’s finally time to start thinking outside the box!


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