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Bantamarium Glassware

One cannot simply construct a Bantamarium or Bantam Replica without the official Bantamarium Jars. We are proud to announce our Handcrafted, locally sourced signature Jarrariums are here! Let the scaping begin!

The Sky Jar Collection

Introducing Sky Jars… Our signature 10″ Mega Bantamarium Jar with various engraved backgrounds. We aim to change the way you currently see miniature vivariums with these first-ever concept pieces. While many are still trying to look “through” the glass that separates us from our creations… We’ve decided, why not let the glass be a part of the immersive experience!

The Bantamarium Jar Collection

Find the perfect size jar for your next adventure here. From bite-sized micro jarrarium to our signature 10″ Mega Bantamarium Jar, ideal for projects you want to go all out for. Bantamarium jars are made with high transparent, boron glass to give you the clearest view possible. It is essential to start with the clearest possible, scratch-resistant glass to ensure a highly visible, quality build from the ground up.

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