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Terrarium Starter Kits

Bantam Starter Kits

Fun, Quick, & Easy

Jumpstart a miniature world in minutes with these easy-to-assemble starter kits.

Made For You

Add your personal touch before ordering so you know exactly what you’ll have on the way!

Great Gift Idea

Write “The world is yours…” on a card when you gift this & thank me later.

It’s As Easy As, Well… 1,2,3!

Build your world in real-time

Use our cutting-edge platform to make your terrarium kit specific to your imagination. Once you’re ready we will ship you a personalized kit to put together!

Three step terrarium starter kit

Ready To Get Started…

Start by picking the vivarium type & size kit you want to customize. Once you tweak the kit to your preference, add it to your cart. Then head over and pick out any decorations or additional substrates you’d like to add to complete your vision! Shall we begin:

Mini Terrarium Starter kit

Need Some Inspiration?

Take a look at some of our complete kits for inspiration on potential ideas you could add to your personalized starter kit. Who knows, you might like my idea just as much as your own:

Complete Kits

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