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Crystal Clear Fish Portals & Feeding Rings - Shop | Bantam.Earth

Fish portals & feeding rings are a functional, aesthetically pleasing way to compliment your aquatic bantamarium. Our portals are thick, durable, and crystal clear for the ultimate view into the underworld of your ecosystem. Easily keep plants away from filters and pumps with one of our self-adjusting feeder rings or plant corrals!

Featured Portal

Making your own fish portals are a fun and easy project to do. With our DIY fish-feeding ring kit, it’s now even easier and more fun! Cut the supplied tubing down to your preference and snap in connectors to create unique shapes that can be changed any time later down the road…

Crystal Clear Fish Portals

Our Bantam exclusive fish portal feeding rings are discreet yet game-changing to the aquatic scene… These fish portals are currently available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re strategically designed with eco-friendly resin and beveled making them 100% safe for animals as well as the enclosure long term.

Feeder Rings & Corrals

We have fish feeder rings for every type of aquatic system… They are all self-adjusting by design and come with suction cups for strategic control over where they are meant to stay. Find aquarium feeder rings, mesh portals, and anything else needed for easy maintenance all in one place!

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