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Ready-Made Terrariums By Bantam.Earth

Ready-Made Terrariums

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Considerable time is taken to ensure quality, detail, and artistic representation are clear upon observation.

Absolutely Zero-Maintenance

No pruning, watering, or other general upkeep is required. These will look great for a lifetime.

A Gift For A True Collector

The perfect present for any nature enthusiast, science major, or passionate art connoisseur. Ideal for home & workspaces.

The Art Of Worldbuilding

From concept to exhibit…

“These pre-made centerpieces are built from the ground up by hand. With aesthetics & longevity in mind, I design each microworld in a way that assures they will look the way they leave my hands… for a lifetime!”

-CJ From Bantam.earth

Key Features of a Pre-Made Terrarium

So… Can I Make Your Next Terrarium?

I consider these handcrafted terrariums the Magna Carta of my many Bantamarium projects. It would be an honor to have a place on your shelf amongst your many other proud assets!

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