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Bantam Substrates are a carefully curated collection of inert material suited for all biotypes. They have no effect on the enclosures parameters giving you peace of mind while you focus on the aesthetics of your creation. These hand-picked elements are essential building blocks to the foundation of every mini world. Our substrates are divided into three simple-to-understand sizes: small, medium, & large.

Bantam Soil

Bantam soil is the fundamental core of every potting mix. Simply add the necessary nutrients and/or fertilizer of your preference. These soils are vital for retaining an adequate balance of oxygen/moisture around roots and absorbing excess liquids reducing over-watering. Outline or enhance the aesthetics of models, hardscapes, or other top layer decoration. Bantam soil can also be used as a growing medium for many plants as well as make a solid surface for moss to establish.

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