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Bantamarium Supplies

This one-stop-shop has you covered when it comes to making the world you want to live in. Find signature glassware, premium substrate, and much more as we continue to build out our inventory!

Featured Tools

Aquascaping tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A bare essential set will always consist of at least one pair of tweezers, scissors, and a spatula. The many styles of each have a unique purpose that all may not use right away. We offer an array of professional aquascaping tools that are built to last. All of our tools are stainless steel, branded, and designed for comfort & efficiency.

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Find the perfect size jar for your next adventure here. From bite-sized micro jarrarium to our signature 10″ Mega Bantamarium Jar ideal for projects you want to go all out for. Bantamarium jars are made with high transparent, boron glass to give you the clearest view possible. It is essential to start with the clearest possible, scratch-resistant glass to ensure a highly visible, quality build from the ground up.

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Bantam Substrates are a carefully curated collection of inert material suited for all biotypes. They have no effect on the enclosures parameters giving you peace of mind while you focus on the aesthetics of your creation. These hand-picked elements are essential building blocks to the foundation of every mini world. We currently have many varieties of sand, gravel, & soil available.

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Hardscapes make great surface areas for healthy bacteria to populate. Some of the more porous stones are even suitable filtration mediums used in many aquarium filters. Adding a hardscape to your ecosystem is not only aesthetic but great for the environment. Our hardscapes can safely be used with both aquatic & non-aquatic animals.

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Preserved moss is a real natural plant that has been put through a unique process to preserve them in its highest state of quality. They’re an excellent alternative to live plant keeping for enthusiasts who want to pursue the mini world-building hobby but don’t quite possess a green thumb yet. Add these with live plants to help retain moisture or build a complete tank with just these plants for a care-free Bantam.Replica!

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