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lids for terrariums and other types of vivariums

Maintain the ideal humidity and securely contain your critters with our innovative terrarium lids. These lids are designed for ease of use and utmost safety, making them the perfect addition to your Bantamarium creations.

Bantam V2 Lids

Enhance your Bantam V2 enclosures with our versatile lids, designed for superior ventilation and easy access. Featuring a central feeder portal and interchangeable tops, these lids provide functionality and flexibility. Available in slim, standard, and vented options, they ensure optimal conditions for your insect habitats while maintaining a sleek and modern look.

Bantam V2 Mid-Lids

Maximize your enclosure’s height with our Bantam V2 Mid-Lids, designed to connect two acrylic glass tanks and vertically extend your habitat. These middle lids feature liquid feeder ports and side extension ports, available in standard and vented options. Perfect for creating dynamic, multi-level environments that enhance the living space for your inhabitants.

Bantam V1 Lids

Enjoy enhanced control with our Bantam V1 lids, allowing you to easily adjust ventilation to suit the specific needs of your enclosure. Experience versatile customization with interchangeable tops, letting you switch between clarity and light to match your setup perfectly. Designed with elegance in mind, the sleek cylindrical shape complements any setting, making your Bantamarium a standout feature in any room.

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