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Bases for terrariums and other types of vivariums

Elevate the look of your Bantamarium with our sleek, 3D-printed terrarium bases. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your setup, these bases provide a stylish and functional foundation for your miniature ecosystem.

Bantam V2 Bases

Designed for our Bantam V2 acrylic enclosures, these bases provide a stable foundation and enhanced functionality for insect terrariums. Available in slim, standard, vented, and tall options, they offer seamless connectivity and optimal conditions for your insects. Customize your setup with features like water feeder slots and 360-degree ventilation. Perfect for creating intricate, interconnected habitats.

Bantam V1 Bases

Enhance the aesthetics of your build with our base, which neatly hides the less attractive drainage layer for a cleaner look. Unleash your creativity with the personalization potential, allowing you to customize the base to match your style and decor. Available in three different sizes, it offers versatility to fit any Bantamarium. Crafted with quality assurance, it features durable and reliable construction with a paint-ready prime finish.

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