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Vivarium Decor

Vivarium Decor

Every now and then, a rare opportunity comes along to witness innovation in its conceptual phase. Fewer than that can even show tangible proof they participated. These hand-crafted, high-grade vivarium decors are a limited series of prototypes that serve as “proof of concept” before replicas are mass-produced. Add a touch of photo-realisticness to your next aquarium and/or terrarium.

Bantam Models

Bantam Models are fine, highly-detailed decor safe for terrariums/aquariums. Transform any vivarium into an eye-catching miniature scenery with these Bantamarium decorations. Each model comes as a complete set with everything needed to assemble the perfect living diorama. All Bantam Models are printed with a black, aquarium-safe, polylactic acid (plastic). Making them paintable and customizable to personal preference.

Bantam Terrains

Bantam Terrains are photo-realistic terrarium decor. Turn your next build into a Bantamarium or keep these finite ornaments as-is for a museum-like souvenir. Each piece is stamped and certified as proof of originality. These terrains are a limited edition run and only a handful will be made before casting is sold off for mass replica production.

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