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Official Bantam V2 Bantamarium Components | By Bantam.Earth

Bantam V2 Components



Welcome to the Bantam V2 Components page, your one-stop destination for all the B-V2 parts and accessories needed to create the ultimate Bantamarium insect enclosure. Each component is designed with precision and quality to ensure your enclosure is both functional and visually appealing. Explore our wide range of products to customize your setup and provide the best possible habitat for your insects.

B-V2 Add-ons

Enhance your Bantam V2 enclosures with our versatile add-ons. From liquid feeders that ensure consistent hydration and humidity to mini soil planters that promote natural digging behavior, our add-ons offer a variety of ways to elevate your insect terrarium. Connect multiple enclosures with our plastic tubing and connector sets, or create unique setups with our innovative accessories.

B-V2 Glassware

The core of the V2 Bantamarium is the clear acrylic glass cylinder, designed to provide a durable and transparent environment for your insects. The acrylic housing features black rubber gaskets on both ends for a secure fit with the various lids and bases. This versatile housing is perfect for showcasing your insect habitat with maximum visibility and minimal distortion.

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B-V2 Lights

Illuminate your Bantam V2 enclosures with our specialized lighting solutions. Designed to fit seamlessly with any of our lids, these lights provide optimal visibility and enhance the natural beauty of your setup. Whether you’re looking for functional lighting to maintain your insects’ day-night cycle or decorative lights to add a touch of ambiance, we have the perfect options to suit your needs.

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B-V2 Lids

Our Bantam V2 lids offer enhanced control and customization for your enclosure. Available in various styles, these lids are designed to provide flexibility and accessibility. The integrated feeder portal makes it easy to add food or water without disturbing the inhabitants, ensuring a well-maintained environment.

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B-V2 Mid-Lids

Unique to the Bantam V2 series, our mid-lids are designed to connect two acrylic cases, doubling the height and interior volume of your enclosure. Available in standard and vented options, mid-lids include a liquid feeder port and side extension ports for added versatility. These components offer a creative way to expand your habitat and provide additional space for your insects to explore.

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B-V2 Bases

Complete your Bantam V2 enclosure with our selection of bases. Choose from an array of options to suit your critters needs. Each base is designed to provide stability and functionality, ensuring a secure foundation for your Bantamarium.

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Explore the full range of Bantam V2 components to build and customize your perfect insect enclosure. Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing an existing setup, our high-quality parts and accessories offer endless possibilities for creating a unique and thriving habitat.

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