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Floating Aquarium Decoration | Bantam.Earth

Bantam floaters are floating aquarium decor made to enhance the overall look above water. Elevate your next build or add some as complimentary decoration to an existing aquascape. Duckweed has never looked so good!

Featured Floater

“Surviving James” is some of our most popular content across social media. It only feels right to make him his very own floating aquarium decor set. With the introduction of two new boats and accessories for James to have at his disposal, one can only imagine what he might be getting himself into next!

Floating Aquarium Decor

These floating aquarium decorations are exclusive and the first of their kind. Add the illusion of predators to a community tank without the worry of sacrificing livestock…. Decorate with a touch of personality while expressing your fantasy side… Or create the ultimate viral feeding video with your next Bantamarium!

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