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Functional Insect Enclosure Decor | By Bantam.Earth

Insect Enclosure Decor



Welcome to our Insect Enclosure Decor collection, where functionality meets artistry to create a perfect habitat for your small critters. Our decorations are designed with the needs of various small animals in mind, offering unique features and superior quality that set us apart from the competition. Crafted from 3D-printed, eco-friendly materials, each piece is not only visually appealing but also safe for use in miniature ecosystems.

Featured Nests & Outworlds

Creating an engaging and functional habitat for your ants is made easy with our modular Ant Nest & Outworld products. These 3D-printed components allow for full 360-degree viewing, letting you observe your ants’ intricate activities as they navigate the maze-like structures.

Available in multiple colors, our nests are designed to interlock when stacked, providing a customizable and expandable vertical space. Pair these nests with our themed Outworld tops, which come in various soil-less designs, from miniature urban landscapes to natural terrains, to complete your ant farm setup. 

Featured Ledges & Cubbies

Our Insect Ledge & Cubby Decor is designed to provide arboreal critters with comfortable places to retreat high above the ground. The ledges are magnetic, ensuring they stay securely in place, and feature backs that prevent them from getting lost around the enclosure.

These pieces are perfect for creating vertical habitats that cater to the natural behaviors of your bugs. Each ledge and cubby is meticulously 3D-printed, colored, and sealed, guaranteeing durability and safety.

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Featured Bonsai Trees

Introduce a touch of nature with our Insect Climbing Decor collection. This series includes 3D-printed bonsai trees in various styles. The trees come adorned with preserved moss in seasonal colors, allowing you to match any theme or style in your terrarium.

These climbing structures not only provide a stimulating environment for your critters but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of their habitat. Safe and durable, our climbing decor is perfect for encouraging natural behaviors.

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Featured Hideouts & Caves

Ground-dwelling critters will find a safe haven in our Insect Hideout Decor. These trendy hideouts offer a perfect retreat for insects, providing them with a sense of security and comfort. Designed with modern aesthetics in mind, our hideouts are 3D-printed and sealed to ensure they are safe for all types of vivarium. 

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Popular Critter Decor:

Finding the perfect decor for your specific critter has never been easier. Explore our curated collections tailored to popular insects:

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Take Your Insect Enclosure To New Heights

Transform your insect enclosures into captivating, functional habitats with our Insect Enclosure Decor. Our innovative designs, superior quality, and commitment to safety make our products the best choice for any enthusiast looking to create a unique and enriching environment for their critters. Explore our collection today and discover how our décor can elevate your terrarium to new heights.


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