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Complete Kits

Bantam Complete Kits

Plug n Play

Easy-to-assemble kits come complete with everything needed to make a world.

True Living Art

The most interactive piece of art you will ever have in your collection!

No Experience Required

All levels of expertise will appreciate the simple yet intuitive instructions/care guide.

How Does It Work…

The Bantam Bang Theory

Once your complete kit arrives, use the instructional card to assist with your build. If you need a more in-depth guide, simply scan the QR code to find helpful tutorials, videos & more!

Your World Is Waiting For You!

Our Complete Kits come as a set, making it easy for both beginners as well as expert creators to make a world of their own. Pick a kit and once it arrives, follow the simple instructions on the card or scan the QR code for a more in-depth guide. My worlds are now in your hands…

Pick A Biotype:

Paludarium Kits

Paludarium Kits

Coming Soon…

Aquarium Kits

Aquarium Kits

Coming Soon…

Preserved Plants VS Living Plants

With your Bantamarium kit, it’s your choice to go with an actual living diorama or a replica. Living dioramas utilize living plants and may or may not house small inhabitants. Meanwhile, Bantam Replicas are made entirely with preserved plants. Replicas need no caretaking and are great for bathrooms or dorm rooms. Here are a few more things to consider before choosing which route you’ll go with:

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