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Mini Statues & Sculptures: Decoration, Ideas & How-To Guides

Looking for the perfect mini-sculpture gift idea? Why not build a terrarium with small statues for decoration… Our curated list of miniature statues comes in a variety of unique styles, cultures, and scales. Shop complete kits, or find specific miniature figurines tailored for terrarium decor use.

Terrarium Statue Kits

Terrarium kits are a great way to get a complete build at a low cost. As we continue to add to our collection of DIY kits, terrarium statue kits will be added here for your convenience. If you don’t see a specific terrarium statue kit you like, you could always pick from one of our exclusive miniature statues below and add it to a starter kit of your preference!

Miniature Roman Statues

Miniature Roman statues are in and we can’t wait to show you what we have in mind for them! Find unique, historic sculptures based around the Roman empire for your next exquisite exhibit. If you were the first to catch that we added “The Thinker” to this collection, we know it’s by a French artist. You’ll just have to wait and see what the deal is in an up incoming video…

Miniature Buddha Statues

Mini buddha statues are the rave this season so we added a few different takes to our ever-expanding lineup. If you’ve been on the hunt for a good luck charm to fit the East Asian type of vibe, just remember to face these handcrafted deities East!

Other Sculpture Figurines

Mini statues and sculptures from various cultures around the world can be found here. These decorations are scaled-down representations of significant civilizations that inspire us to create. Browse our current archive of miniature figurines designed to look like realistic statues in your mini world.

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