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BE Pro Dual Scissor Set


  • ESSENTIAL AQUASCAPING TOOLS. Our curated collection of aquarium landscaping tools are crucial to maintaining any healthy aquascape. These instruments are ideal for upkeeping aquascapes and work just as well for terrariums. No more struggling to position plants or level substrates with your hands and fingers.
  • FLEXIBLE, SHARP, & DURABLE. Bantamarium Pro tools are stainless steel and built to last. Rest easy knowing they are rust-resistant and will never corrode in any way. Each tool is hand-crafted & permanently engraved with official Bantam.Earth branding.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT COMBO SCISSOR SET. These sharp high precision scissors are suited for pruning & trimming both aquatic and non-aquatic plants. They are universal fitting scissors great for both right-handed & left-handed people.

Additional information

Weight .320 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × .1 in

Stainless Steel

Material Color


What's Included

  • BE Pro Straight-edge Scissors (1pc); 10in
  • BE Pro Curved-edge Scissors (1pc); 10in


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