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Premium Black Lava Rocks

  • A SELECTIVE CHOICE OF INERT MATERIAL. Our Bantam rocks are neutral to the environment by design. This means we hand-pick rocks that won’t cause a change in parameters like Ph or hardness making them suitable for every type of ecosystem. 
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR INHABITANTS. These rocks can safely be used with both aquatic & non-aquatic animals. We use these exact rocks in many of our popular builds.
  • NATURE’S NATURAL FILTRATION. Rocks make great surface areas for healthy bacteria to populate. Some of the more porous stones are even suitable mediums used in many aquarium filters. Adding rocks to your ecosystem is not only aesthetic but great for the environment.
  • CHOOSE BETWEEN THREE AVAILABLE SIZES. Our rocks are divided into three simple-to-understand sizes: small, medium, & large. Weight will vary depending on the material but the portions are all strategically calculated to work with all bantamariums.

Additional information

Weight N/A



Lava Rock


Small, Medium, Large

What's Included

1x Bag Of Rocks (weight)

  • Small (.60oz) 2x2in
  • Medium (5.7oz) 3x6in
  • Large (11oz) 3x9in

Common Uses

Our Premium Bantamarium Rocks are great for a number of creative uses, including but not limited to:

  • Drainage layer substrate: These rocks are inert and large enough to form pockets for stagnant water to sit as beneficial bacteria forms on the surface.
  • Secondary layer substrate: Rocks can also be used as a growing medium for some plants as well as make a solid surface for moss to establish.
  • An additional decorative topping: Outline or enhance the aesthetics of models, hardscapes, or other top layer decoration.


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Premium Black Lava Rocks