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Preserved Sheet Moss

  • A SELECTIVE CHOICE OF INERT MATERIAL. Our Bantam substrates are neutral to the environment by design. This means we hand-pick substrates that won’t cause a change in parameters like Ph or hardness making them suitable for every type of ecosystem. 
  • IDEAL FOR REPLICA BUILDS. Preserved mosses are great alternatives for those looking to enjoy bantamariums without the maintenance or expertise of caretaking for plants & critters.
  • MOISTURE RETAINING & HIGHLY OXYGENATED. We curate substrates that are ideal for low maintenance setups. The goal is to retain an adequate balance of oxygen/moisture around roots and absorb excess liquids reducing over-watering.
  • CHOOSE BETWEEN THREE AVAILABLE SIZES. Our substrates are divided into three simple-to-understand sizes: small, medium, & large. Weight will vary depending on the material but the portions are all strategically calculated to work with all bantamariums.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Small, Medium, Large


Preserved Moss


Sheet Moss

What's Included

1x Bag Of Preserved Moss (weight)

  • Small (.05oz) 2x2in
  • Medium (.65oz) 3x6in
  • Large (1.3oz) 3x9in

Common Uses

Our Premium Bantamarium Moss is great for a number of creative uses, including but not limited to:

  • Secondary layer support: Moss can be used to help regulate humidity and moisture within a terrarium when placed on top of secondary substrate.
  • An additional decorative topping: Outline or enhance the aesthetics of models, hardscapes, or other top layer decoration.

**To assure longevity of use and color vibrance, we recommend only using preserved moss in terrariums without inhabitants. Avoid use around aquatic areas or mold and color dulling may accur.


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Preserved Sheet Moss