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Halloween Terrarium: Complete Kits, Decoration, & How-To Guides

Make the most of this sinister season with a Halloween terrarium… And who better to help guide you on this uncanny experience than the one who started it all? Here is a curated list of Halloween terrarium ideas that we think will provide a fun, unique, (and most importantly) frightening experience for all to enjoy! Shop complete kits, or find Halloween terrarium decor to add to current builds to celebrate the ominous… or else!

Halloween Terrarium Kits

We’ve made one of our most viral tanks into a complete DIY Halloween terrarium kit! Choose from a variety of available sizes and use the easy-to-follow instructions on how to make a graveyard terrarium this holiday season.

Halloween Terrarium Decor

Are you looking to add an eerie touch to an existing terrarium? Find Halloween terrarium decor perfect for any size vivarium and safe for inhabitants. Combine all of these ghostly decorations to form a chilling environment for your pet critters or pick any single item to set a mysterious mood to an enclosure.

Halloween Miniatures

Halloween miniatures are great for adding a creepy touch to micro-ecosystems. Take world-building into a more post-apocalyptic setting with our signature abandoned cars or add on to our popular graveyard set with gothic gates and a spooky castle. The possibilities really are Fang-tastic!!

Taxidermy Decoration

Taxidermy is another very popular element associated with Halloween. With skeletons floating all over the place this holiday season, consider using skull terrarium decoration in your next build. I urge you to keep an open mind before browsing that section though! That was the last one, I swear…

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